Hey, we're Alex and Bart

We're Alex Cohen (Sr. Director of Product at Carbon Health, founded CommandDot and Birch; acq. by Even Financial) and Bart Macdonald (Founding Partner at Bloom Equity Partners, repeat venture backed CEO).

On evenings and weekends we invest $50k - $150k in early stage startups out of our angel fund, which is backed by ~150 rockstar LPs. Over the past 3 years, we've invested $5m across 75+ startups.

What we invest in

We like to invest at the earliest signs of traction, which typically means partnering at pre-seed or seed. We have a preference for products in market with power users and early signs of monetization.

Partnering at this stage is exciting for us as operators ourselves - we hop into the weeds with our founders to help them figure out which products to ship, recruit the best early-stage talent, find their first power users, and raise follow on capital from the top investors.

While we love meeting all remarkable founders solving hard problems, we do gravitate to those building in the future of digital health, fintech, AI, and enterprise SaaS (where we have the most experience & value to add).

Portfolio Companies

Cuckoo Logo
Seed, May 2020
Incredible broadband speeds for the U.K.
Lula Logo
Pre Seed, July 2020
Episodic insurance as APIs
Pre Seed, July 2020
Blazingly fast meeting scheduling
Pre Seed, July 2020
Getting GTM and product teams on the same page
Seed, August 2020
Everything you need to build & scale an online school
Seed, Sep 2020
Reimagining the data economy by directly rewarding people for their data
Seed, Oct 2020
The fastest and easiest tool for property managers with messages delivered to tenants
Seed, Nov 2020
Fast and easy-to-use database client for writing queries, building dashboards, and sharing data
Seed, 2020
Never miss a birthday again
Seed, Dec 2020
Automating medical claim audits to help insurance payers save on the $300bn in overpayments realized each year due to fraud
Pre Seed, Dec 2020
Personalized curriculum development software for educators
Pre Seed, Dec 2020
Making it easy for employers to add emergency savings accounts (ESA) to their benefits program
Seed, Jan 2021
Financial data and analytics platform for researching stocks and understanding market trends
Seed, Feb 2021
Virtual employee benefits fair platform
Pre Seed, Feb 2021
SPV management from soup to nuts
Seed, Feb 2021
A social app with a focus on maintaining category-defining creator relationships.
Seed, March 2021
Connected rowing + gym equipment, equipped with hundreds of high intensity video games, races and workouts.
Seed, March 2021
Hybrid deep networking platform designed for the enterprise customer
Seed, Apr 2021
Go-to-market data platform + end-to-end, full funnel analytics and insights
Pre Seed, Apr 2021
Making it easy and fun to discover, connect, and share clothing with like minded groups.
Seed, Apr 2021
Helping people get on the property ladder by unlocking equity from their parents home
Seed, Apr 2021
Making bestselling non-fiction books accessible to all with an immersive new format called video books
Seed, Apr 2020
A smart copilot for understanding what customers want
Seed, May 2021
Enabling retailers to participate in the circular economy
Seed, May 2021
Github meets Figma for Hardware Design
Pre Seed, May 2021
End to end API that enables healthcare companies to offer white labeled home test kits to consumers
Seed, May 2021
Full stack platform for web insights and customer acquisition
Seed, June 2021
The fastest way to deploy on AWS and GitHub
Pre Seed, June 2021
Modular financial advisory benefits for employees
Seed, June 2021
Building a secured credit card that uses a consumer's car as collateral.
Seed, July 2021
One-stop suite of banking + tax management + cash-back features for modern creators
Pre Seed, Aug 2021
Grammarly for universal code editors. AI that powers code reviews and intelligent suggestions in real time
Pre Seed, Aug 2021
Building a cloud IDE for teams to develop and maintain code without local environments
Pre Seed, Sept 2021
BPO and customer support platform for companies as a service
Seed, Sept 2021
Building a Figma style builder for marketplace apparel creation for the metaverse
Pre Seed, Oct 2021
Vertical payments platform that sits between forwarders and shippers
Stealth DevTools Startup
Seed, Oct 2021
CDN edge computing as a service
Seed+, Oct 2021
Vertically integrated marketplace for uninsured, cash pay patients for dental care and dentists
Pre Seed, Oct 2021
B2B marketplace connecting local businesses with d2c brands to showcase their products in stores.
Seed, Nov 2021
Architectural design tool that allows multiplayer + beautiful visual renderings of buildings + automates manual drafting processes
Seed, Nov 2021
1-click deploy infrastructure
Pre Seed, Nov 2021
Web3 platform for creators to sell access to their squads
Seed, Nov 2021
Heathcare provider licensing, network management, and credentialing as an API
Pre-Seed, Dec 2021
Maza is the first modern banking platform designed for Latin Americans that gives you more without hidden fees
Pre-Seed, Dec 2021
Fit! is fitness influencers meets equipment, packaged into an app
Seed, Dec 2021
Helping e-commerce brands fight refund fraud
Seed, Jan 2022
Psychedelic assisted mental health meets telehealth
Seed, Jan 2022
Helping homeowners convert their equity in their homes to cash via home equity investments
Pre-Seed, Feb 2022
At home test kits for women pre, during, and post pregnancy
Seed, Feb 2022
Marketplace for trucks and other light commercial vehicles
Seed, Feb 2022
APIs for managing external medical images and referrals
Pre-Seed, Feb 2022
Stealth consumer startup
Seed, Mar 2022
Invest in real estate assets using your crypto holdings
Seed, Mar 2022
Automated SBA loan valuations and a marketplace for buying and selling a small business
Series A, Mar 2022
Backoffice platform for independent therapy professionals
Series A, Apr 2022
Access veterinarians 24/7 via telehealth with an emergency fund for your pets
Seed, Apr 2022
Distributed workforce management planning software
Pre-Seed, May 2022
Platform for alternative asset wealth management
Seed, May 2022
Async video communication platform
Seed, May 2022
Coaching and nutrition platform for helping people manage autoimmune disorders
Seed, May 2022
EV fleet management platform
Seed, June 2022
Ketamine assisted mental health clinics and virtual care
Seed, June 2022
Tech enabled OBGYN startup
Seed, July 2022
API infrastructure for the auto industry
Series B, July 2022
Healthcare infrastructure to power telehealth services in all 50 states
Seed, Aug 2022
Shopify like platform for managing an entire MedSpa practice
Pre-Seed, Aug 2022
ICHRA management platform
Seed, Sept 2022
Tech enabled value based pulmonology care
Seed, Oct 2022
End to end workflow management for easily managing sales contracts
Series A, Oct 2022
Easily form a US based company, open a bank account, and manage your business
Pre-Seed, Feb 2023
Pre surgical care coordination as a service for outpatient surgery centers
Seed, Feb 2023
Open exchange to buy and sell privately held shares
Pre-Seed, Mar 2023
AI infrastructure for modern day server to cloud migrations
Pre-Seed, Apr 2023
APIs for contractor and construction data
Seed, June 2023
A platform for helping other companies store their log data cost effectively at scale
Pre-seed, June 2023
Compliant enterprise AI for Healthcare & Life Sciences
Seed +, July 2023
The behavior improvement app for kids with ADHD, ODD, Autism, or any behavior issues.
Series A, July 2023
The future of on demand workouts with real coaches
Seed, Aug 2023
Virtual couples therapy
Seed, Sept 2023
AI for pre authorizations
Series A, Nov 2023
A friendly medical supply company that sells directly to consumers
Seed, Jan 2024
Embedded financial advisory solutions
Seed, Jan 2024
AI executive assistant
Seed, Feb 2024
Still in stealth
Series A, Mar 2024
Educational children's iPad game
Seed, Apr 2024
Infrastructure for the future of generative voice artificial intelligence

What our founders have said

"An investor's job is not to run your business, or manage your day to day operations. Instead, an investor's role should be to optimize your chances of success through their actions. Bart and Alex have achieved this through their introductions to additional investors, brainstorming sessions, and go to market conversations. We would not be where we are today without their impact."

Michael Vega-Sanz, Co-Founder of Lula

"I can't recommend enough Bart and Alex as investors. From advice on fundraising, marketing, or just operations, they always have my back when I need them."

Julien Delange, Founder of Codiga

"Bart is a masterful mentor to me as a first time founder. He has relentless expertise in cutting through the fluff to get to the heart of what really matters. I'm proud to have him as part of the Cuckoo journey."

Alexander Fitzgerald, Founder of Cuckoo

"Bart & Alex have been one of our most value-add investors beyond just capital. They've helped us with hiring, marketing, and fundraising, all of which they've done successfully as operators."

Rob Koyfman, Founder of Koyfin

"As a first time founder, it's invaluable to have operators to help bootstrap your fundraising and help guide your business. Many folks claim they are operators and yet so few are. Alex and Bart are part of that rare category and we are extremely fortunate to have them in our corner."

Hiroki Butterfield, Co-Founder of Butterfly Labs

Want to share a deal or become an LP?

Get in touch: DM Alex or Bart, or email [firstname]@alexandbartangelfund.com